What People are saying

This is way more than a workshop on CranioSacral Therapy. Be prepared to grow beyond your wildest dreams – ‘buckle up’.

I walked in hoping to develop the knowledge and skill to practice Cranial Sacral and the intention to develop my intuition further. I am leaving a transformed, more whole person and feel the possibilities are limitless.

That the extent of my personal growth will directly affect my relationship with my world. Many reminders of how important connection to self and others is.

Exceeded my expectations!

It’s a course you need but you don’t know you need it until you take it.

This weekend was without question one of the most important learning experiences of my life.

You have created a wonderful course for ANY person looking for answers, or growth, be it professional or personal.

Annie and Natalie create a safe, supportive environment and they teach how to be a healer – not solely a practitioner. Being around them and learning from them has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. You have the opportunity to see for yourself transformation in process which inspires you to learn more!

Confidence to work intra-orally! Ability to trust myself and others! (Level II)

On top of the didactic knowledge, a greater ability to trust me; my intuition.

Increase tool set, increased sensitivity to touch, experienced doing less with greater result. This workshop has increased my confidence in the healing arts.

Personal releases, personal increase in body awareness, emotion releases and support, love & care. Safety! No judgement.

Natalie & Annie balance and complete each other. True collaboration, inspired by each other. There is mutual respect.

…proper placement of hands, more confidence, amazing visuals to learn, a whole new understanding…can go on forever.

I found my own inner freedom with myself to make the changes I need moving forward.

Annie & Natalie are the perfect pair to enable transformation.

A greater sense of my true self, openness, love.

This is not just a craniosacral course. Natalie & Annie truly awaken your soul to new experiences & senses. It’s a weekend of transformation, growth, laughter, tears, and love. There’s no turning back.

The instructors were able to work with us as individuals and as a group with a skillful sensitivity. There was a lot of content but I never felt overwhelmed.

Truth, authenticity and freedom.

Loved intra-oral work…It was less is more. (Level II)

Life changing course – Amazing. Thank you!

Natalie and Annie compliment each other so well – the teaching is seamless.

ICB with Annie & Natalie is given and was received from a deep place of Ancient wisdom.

It gifted me with the missing link to the entire body; the Cranial Sacral system & all that it envelops & encompasses in every sphere & realm of human existence. This course opened a new galaxy of exploration as a hands on healer. It gave me a whole new modality for relieving pain and finding joy.

Their knowledge coupled with their incredible connection to spirit & the oneness of the Universe created absolute magic.

You cannot put a price on knowing & owning your divine place in the world. Thank you for your magic & bringing your beautiful presence & intention to every single thing that we did.

Thank you so much. I loved it. It was 3 days of miracles and also hard work.